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5 Tips for Looking More Polished for Work on a Budget

Jul 8, 2017 3:28:39 PM / by Jodi Campbell Hill posted in women in business, professional hair styling, polished looks for work, budget wardrobe, blowout services, professional hair styles, beauty on a budget

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The struggle of finding ways to look more polished at work on a budget is ongoing for the modern working woman.  I find that I'm frequently asking colleagues, friends and even strangers where they found those cute black loafers or that chic and tailored trench coat and how much they paid for them.  Fashion isn't slowing down and neither is your career.  Can your wallet keep up with these ever changing trends?  Check out our 5 tips for looking more polished for work on a budget. 


1. Fast fashion can be affordable.

You can afford the runway to retail looks with finds under $50.  Zara caters perfectly to this price point and offers a wide range of options for working professionals within current trends.  They often update timeless wardrobe staples such as the classic blazer by adding a unique sleeve or offering the style in a color other than black.

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5 Reasons to Host Girls Night Out at a Salon

Jul 6, 2017 10:40:36 PM / by Allie Webster

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My friends and I are always looking for creative ways to update our "girls night (or day) out."  We've attended paint nights, movies in the park and even volunteered together.  We were in the midst of planning a night out when one of the ladies suggested that we try a blowout bar before hitting the town.  We did some quick research on the best blowout places in the Boston area and decided to try Amplify.  To say we had the time of our lives is an understatement.  We were blown away by the service and attention to detail.  If you're looking for a change of plans on a Saturday evening, here's 5 reasons to host a girls night out at a salon.

1. Amplify offers a customizable Girls Night Out package.

The Amplify Ladies Night package includes a traditional blowout for 10 guests, 2 bottles of champagne and a cheese tray for $600.  We only had 7 girls in attendance and they were able to adjust the price for us.  We also had our own private lounge to talk and laugh without disturbing other guests.

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Customizing Your Blowout Style

Jul 3, 2017 12:08:15 PM / by Jodi Campbell Hill posted in blowout services, hair salon, salon services, hair styles



Did you know there are styling options at a blowout salon other than the standard volume and shine look?  I didn't either.  I was pleasantly surprised to be presented with a 'choose your look' service at my first blowout. The stylist asked "How would you like me to blow out your hair today?"  The perplexed look on my face must have said it all.  Perhaps my reaction was a product of visiting traditional salons where a blowout meant a stylist dried my hair with a round brush.  She quickly handed me a styling gazette including photos of various looks. I was torn. Who do I want to be today? Below you'll find some ideas for customizing your blowout style:


1. Sleek and straight.

This look embodies the Cher crica 1970s style, now being revived by Kim Kardashian. It's a smooth and sleek flatiron look minus the flatiron. Perfect for rocking that center part. Add a shine serum for the perfect 'cherry on top.'


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3 Ways to Reduce Your Morning Hair Care Routine

Jun 22, 2017 6:05:27 PM / by Jodi Campbell Hill posted in hairstyles for busy lifestyles, maintaining a blow out, quick hairstyles, haircare routine

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My new year's resolution for 2017 is to better utilize my time in the mornings to make more room for self-improvement and overall happiness. I want to enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband, meditate or learn something new on a podcast.  This means that I need to adjust the most time-consuming module of my morning: doing my hair. I spend an average of 10 minutes drying my hair and 20 minutes on styling.  This process needed to change drastically.  Earlier this year, I started to implement a few new A.M. practices that have helped free up my mornings.  Below I've compiled my top 3 ways of reducing your morning hair care routine:


1.  Invest in dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is a staple in my hair care regimen today. Not only does it help remove oil and give my hair much needed volume, it can reduce the need to wash your hair in the morning. This saves you many precious minutes of drying and styling time. It also prevents your hair from the damage caused by both heat and water.

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Hair Styling Services for Events: Wedding Season 101

Jun 19, 2017 9:02:42 AM / by Jodi Campbell Hill posted in time saving event prep techniques, event hair services, event style, wedding style, wedding hairstyles



Wedding season is upon us. You've probably RSVPed to enough bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings to fill every Saturday on your calendar between now and October. Since you're already breaking open that wedding piggy bank for gifts, dresses, plane tickets and hotel rooms, I would like to alleviate some of your stress by sharing suggestions on my search for hair styling services for events and other shortcuts I've learned.

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