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Customizing Your Blowout Style

Jul 3, 2017 12:08:15 PM / by Jodi Campbell Hill

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Did you know there are styling options at a blowout salon other than the standard volume and shine look?  I didn't either.  I was pleasantly surprised to be presented with a 'choose your look' service at my first blowout. The stylist asked "How would you like me to blow out your hair today?"  The perplexed look on my face must have said it all.  Perhaps my reaction was a product of visiting traditional salons where a blowout meant a stylist dried my hair with a round brush.  She quickly handed me a styling gazette including photos of various looks. I was torn. Who do I want to be today? Below you'll find some ideas for customizing your blowout style:


1. Sleek and straight.

This look embodies the Cher crica 1970s style, now being revived by Kim Kardashian. It's a smooth and sleek flatiron look minus the flatiron. Perfect for rocking that center part. Add a shine serum for the perfect 'cherry on top.'


2. Bouncy Curl.

When I think of a bouncy curl, I think of volume and a tight curl. This look is perfect for formal events. I call this Taylor Swift's go-to red carpet style. I also recommend this look for humidity endurance. If your curls start to loosen up, you still have a polished style.


3. Beach Wave.

The beach wave style mimics that salt-water soaked, wind in your hair look with just a little bit of natural wave. If only we all had access to the beach everyday to take advantage of Mother Nature's salon.


4. Texas Volume.

Is there something in the water in Texas that grows big, beautiful hair? This type of style is your quintessential southern-influenced big hair.  The stylist will use a larger round brush for maximum volume with a soft curl throughout for optimal body. The stylist will likely finish this look with a bit of teasing.


5. Texture and Tousle.

This look is similar to the beach wave, only it kicks up the volume and body.  The Olsen twins are notorious for this chic and effortless style.


6. Runway Model.

You guessed it: Victoria's Secret supermodel hair.  This is a voluminous style with long, loose curls that adds body with just the right amount of bounce and shine. Where's that runway?

These are just some of many options for customizing your blowout style. You can always work with your stylist to find a look that's perfect for who you want to be that day. Lacking inspiration? Bring a photo. 


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What's your favorite blowout style?  What celebrity looks inspire you?


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Jodi Campbell Hill

Written by Jodi Campbell Hill