Convenient Blowout Services

Launched in Boston in 2017, Amplify has merged luxury and convenience at an affordable price.

Boston women can receive runway ready looks at everyday prices thanks to our professionally trained and efficient staff. With first-rate amenities at our convenient location in Cambridge, Amplify has earned a reputation among its clients as a salon that is second-to-none - a forward-thinking salon that understands the demands of everyday life by providing convenient blowout services. The Amplify experience is a must-have for every Boston woman looking to make everyday a good hair day.

Convenient Blowout Services

Jodi Hill


As an Event Planner working in Chicago and volunteering in my free time, I was consistently onsite running black-tie events from 6:00am - midnight on a given Saturday, with a 1-hour window (if I was lucky) to put on makeup, throw on a gown and tackle my hair. I wanted to find a solution that made me feel and look my best in front of Chicago's dignitaries and community leaders.  I needed something affordable and within the time constraints that life placed on me. After a recent move to Boston, I decided to open Amplify to provide quick and hair styling services for women trying to "do it all" on a budget. You deserve to feel confident leading that board meeting or attending your next gala and we're here to help.

In a client-facing sales role, I always want to look polished and presentable. A disheveled appearance can give the wrong impression.  I go to Amplify once per week for a volumizing blowout.  The staff is friendly, efficient and knowledgeable on methods for maintaining my blowout between appointments and making suggestions on new styles.  It's been a timesaver and removed the dreaded "what am I going to do with my hair?" question each morning.  I'm OBSESSED!

Kerry McHugh District Sales Manager

Huge fan of Amplify blow dry bar